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The Background

Dear all,

When Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji was about to enter as BJP's PM candidate for a full five year term, I wrote to him asking whether all his prospective ministers are in Mission ready state - or do they need training in the nuances of Governance. If so, I requested him to work on a short term intensive course with IIM or any other Leading Institute and make them undergo.

For this, I received a thanking letter from Sri Vajpayee's secretary, beyond that nothing else seems to take place.

But the thought has got strengthened in me with every passing year and the birth of IIG blossomed with an aroma to transform our younger generations as Visionary Leaders loaded with the style of governance needed to handle the world of today and tomorrow without compromising the ethics and moral values taught by our predecessors since ancient time.

N Harihara Subramanian

On the day 25-dec-2014 when the present government declared that day as "GOOD GOVERNANCE DAY", the seed for IIG was sown during the meeting held at Savera hotel, Chennai by a group of eminent leaders & social thinkers drawn from different streams.

Where the need for a special course to impart knowledge, wisdom, skill sets, visionary thinking and high leadership attributes towards good governance was endorsed by one and all as the need of the day.

It was also felt that such a high end leadership should be made available not only for state / country and global governance opportunities but also to head Corporate, Business, Academic, NGO, UN and that of other world bodies.

  1. India with its 10000 years of history, the plethora of great personalities, Kings, poets, philosophers and saints and their wisdom, the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavath Gita, Ardha Shastra, Thirukkural and numerous other manuscripts and inscriptions in temple stones, not to leave the Great Vedas which have transcended over thousands of years by word of mouth, has every thing in it to give raise to great leaders for our States, Countries, World and World Bodies.

  2. The contribution of India to the world in every field of activity has no equal, and to the levels to which it rose also has no parallel.

  3. To give a sample of its Leaders - Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi of recent past should do.

  4. With all this combine the great Wisdom of the rest of the World and we should have inputs for a Stellar Governance & Leadership Program; sprinkle it with a good dosage of Experiential Learning (which will be the back bone of such a transaction, nay Transformation) add the personal interaction of 100-150 great minds of India and World, We will be all set to Chisel Global leaders-who will think Global and act local.

  5. The critical things being the proper selection of the Candidates and the duration of such a training.

  6. In the next 3 months we need to arrive at the course content, methodologies, resource persons, and the entry level prerequisites of prospects etc., and tie up a few institutes for launch.

  7. Simultaneously we have to work on taking it up to young minds and the spreading awareness among the general public.

  8. As we will be focusing on the task one - which is primary to us, we will be searching / creating vehicles for the other two objectives.

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To Train & Develop Visionary Leaders for India and the world.

  • Who will deliver high Governance Standards in States, Countries, World Bodies or Organisations whom they choose to be part of

  • And meet all the aspirational expectations of Stake Holders in strata in terms of Economy, Ecology, Equity and overall progress.


  • All the time spreading the awareness for the need of such a Leadership and Organisation among the youth and general public.

  • And initiate Leadership traits and values among young children and youth and give direct entry to a percentage of promising youth.


  • To tie-up with Institutions / Universities of high standards & repute to deliver the various courses on Governance & Leadership

  • So that in the next 10-15 years of time a huge pool of visionary leadership is created to serve the nation in different verticals like

    • Political Governance in States & Country
    • Organisational Leadership in Institutions, Corporates, NGOs, etc.,
    • General Bodies like UNO, WB, WHO, etc.
    • As a mid term knowledge and skill enhancement center for IAS, IPS, IFS Officers
    • In training the promising leaders of corporate to take up the top position as CEOs, COOs, etc. by honing their wisdom and decision making capabilities.
    • To get aspirants from other countries and train them for leadership pertaining to their countries.


  • Good, Effective Governance

  • Zero discrimination

  • Focus on Social Progress Index, Human Index and Happiness Index along with GDP

Go to IIG Model - Roadmap


  • To create a pathway to political leadership in the country to all those who aspire to serve the Nation and make out a career that way.

  • To remedy the situations in the country arising out of the acute lack of visionary leadership over the last 40 years or so which has resulted in the slow progress of the nation and its people.

  • To squarely meet the emerging opportunities that are going to spring up in the nation as there is a visible & felt change in Governance


  • Cater to India first over the next 10 years

  • And then to start initiative in SAARC Countries and World over.

  • To establish a global R&D and Resource Center for Governance & Leadership.

  • To be an Advisor and Guide to the State and National governance on various matters of importance and to act as the "Rajaguru" in ensuring proper leverage of the available potentials.

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Date: 2015-12-13
IIG meet

IIG Pan India 3rd meet held on 25-12-2015 (Good Governance Day) at Hotel Savera in Chennai, Please visit IIG Gallery page.. Hariharan

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Learning & Training for Governance & Leadership

Transformational education for Today & Tomorrow


The proposed model shall provide a clear idea on how the course contents will be designed to enrich the knowledge & wisdom. ...

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A leader need to be competent in all the aspects of leadership need to be a great visionary ALL the time....

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P.G. Diploma in Governance and Leadership - 6 semester of 3 months each with 2 semesters of internship and exchange of learning

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Target Audience

Men & Women of 25 years to 40 years with certain amount of holistic ability and attitude, with some passion to serve this Nation at some point of time in a big way.....

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Governance Structure

IIG will be the knowledge hub for Leadership & Governance run by an academic council of best of men and women in the country - there will be a state level and a National level committee and a National governing body in the execution of the same.....

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Portal - Sample Lessons

IIG portal is going to become an ultimate knowledge hub for Good Governance and Visionary Leadership in the world. It will be an interactive platform bringing all the leaders, students, Alumni, professors and every contributor together with videos and lectures streaming out for every topic or key word chosen...

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Thank you.

IIG will be the knowledge hub for Leadership & Governance run by an academic council of best of men and women in the country - there will be a state level and a National level committee and a National governing body in the execution of the same.

IIG with its global R&D and curriculum will be focussing and working continuously in shaping the Methodologies, experiential learning, interaction with the thought and action leaders, resource books, reference materials, visits, etc. guiding and detailing the pedagogy with a set of inputs and professors working under them. They will also service IIG as resource persons and visiting professors or even as a full time faculty.

IIG, thus will not be spending its energy in raising huge Structures, but collaborate with existing Institutes and deemed Universities of eminence to deliver the carefully designed courses. IIG will have State level headquarters and a National level headquarter which will also double up as the Nodal Resource centres and centres of parallel governance and guiding the States and Nations on key issues and developments.

We are planning three types of courses to start with:

  1. An 18 months or 24 months program of 9-12 Semesters which will be called PG Diploma in Governance & Leadership. 3 Semesters will be dedicated to experiential learning
  2. A 36-48 months program which will top up the above to give PG Masters in Governance & Leadership with 6 Semesters of experiential learning
  3. The entire work of every Leader, his thought process, group findings, and presentations will be available in the IIG PORTAL to which every alumni will have a life time interaction and learning

The third and most important part of program will be the entire course content spread in about 30 modules will be available to all in the country to log on register and learn with and the aspirants can choose a set of six modules and seek a test & certification from IIG directly on payment of a nominal fee.

By this IIG will be disseminating the knowledge, wisdom and skill sets down the line to everyone who can neither get into nor afford a full time course on this vital arena of Governance & Leadership.

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Moving the world to a new order through Visionary Leadership and Enlightened Governance
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Moving the world to a new order through Visionary Leadership and Enlightened Governance

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I am nothing but a thread, a strong thread. I am just picking the best of pearls and putting on to it.

I want more and more great minds and souls to join this initiative and contribute.

It is yours, oursNation's and eventually to the whole humanity.

N Harihara Subramanian (Hariharan)