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IIG will be the knowledge hub for Leadership & Governance run by an academic council of best of men and women in the country - there will be a state level and a National level committee and a National governing body in the execution of the same.

IIG with its global R&D and curriculum will be focussing and working continuously in shaping the Methodologies, experiential learning, interaction with the thought and action leaders, resource books, reference materials, visits, etc. guiding and detailing the pedagogy with a set of inputs and professors working under them. They will also service IIG as resource persons and visiting professors or even as a full time faculty.

IIG, thus will not be spending its energy in raising huge Structures, but collaborate with existing Institutes and deemed Universities of eminence to deliver the carefully designed courses. IIG will have State level headquarters and a National level headquarter which will also double up as the Nodal Resource centres and centres of parallel governance and guiding the States and Nations on key issues and developments.

We are planning three types of courses to start with:

  1. An 18 months or 24 months program of 9-12 Semesters which will be called PG Diploma in Governance & Leadership. 3 Semesters will be dedicated to experiential learning
  2. A 36-48 months program which will top up the above to give PG Masters in Governance & Leadership with 6 Semesters of experiential learning
  3. The entire work of every Leader, his thought process, group findings, and presentations will be available in the IIG PORTAL to which every alumni will have a life time interaction and learning

The third and most important part of program will be the entire course content spread in about 30 modules will be available to all in the country to log on register and learn with and the aspirants can choose a set of six modules and seek a test & certification from IIG directly on payment of a nominal fee.

By this IIG will be disseminating the knowledge, wisdom and skill sets down the line to everyone who can neither get into nor afford a full time course on this vital arena of Governance & Leadership.

We are looking for Men & Women of 25 years to 40 years with certain amount of holistic ability and attitude, with some passion to serve this Nation at some point of time in a big way.

The course content, delivery, interactions, deliberations and the preparations will be so powerful every year in the course will add 3-5 years of wisdom to the individual, particularly his ability to take right decisions at every point. This will be the great arsenal at his/her armour as he/she finishes the rendezvous with IIG.

So the audience are:

  1. Those who would like to apply directly (30%)
  2. Those whom corporates will sponsor as designates to take up higher levels of functioning and delivery in their organisations (40%)
  3. Government/ Quasi Government officers as a sabbatical course to enhance their prospects and performance (5%)
  4. IAS, IPS, IFS cadre to tone up their abilities and seek key placements (5%)
  5. Army officers to further enhance their leadership qualities, knowledge, wisdom, skill sets and strategies. With this course they will be in a position to enhance their position in Army or contest for political place on retirement (5%)
  6. Political leaders/ MLA's / MP's and their children who are keen to serve the country in better ways (5%)
  7. Institutions of learning sponsoring best of their faculty/administers the next gen member to get back and lead a team
  8. SAARC country representatives sponsored by the respective country head (5%)

The Institution will be inviting all the leading parties - Regional and National to visit the campus and hand pick the right candidates for the present and future leadership of the party and start grooming them for Party / National responsibilities.

Similarly, leading Corporates will be invited to hand pick the middle / upper right calibre from their leaders.

They will also be encouraged to start their own social enterprises / NGO's and also emerge as consultants to various organisations.

Eventually every Alumni will be expected to serve the nation directly for a minimum of 5 to 10 years to bring in enormous social changes.

Yes that's a key issue; At some point sooner or later, we will be inviting the good champions of the nation to work with us. We have a plethora of them today - my own idols, Sri Ratan Tata, Sri Narayana Murthi (Infosys), Azim Premji (Wipro) and the young Mahendra's and Munjal's to site a few. We are sure help and support will come, even from the Government at some point of time.

Yes, the IIG portal is going to become an ultimate knowledge hub for Good Governance and Visionary Leadership in the world. Google any of these words and that will lead you to IIG on top.

It will be an interactive platform bringing all the leaders, students, Alumni, professors and every contributor together with videos and lectures streaming out for every topic or key word chosen. IIG will aim to change the way the world operates soon.

Yes, very soon. When that happens we will have a greater deliberations and interaction with UN - as UN in its many internal & published documents talk about the dearth of VISIONARY LEADERSHIP in state and countries as a stumbling block in the implementation of its great plans for Human progress.

The IIG World Council will have some of the UN leaders as its members and advisors.