Institutions offering Governance programs (partial list)


SNo Country Institution Name
1 India Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi
2 India MIT School of Government, Pune
3 India Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership, Mumbai
4 India Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur 602 105, Tamil Nadu

Other countries (Partial list)

SNo Country Institution Name Course Name
1 Australia The University Of Queensland Governance
2 United Kingdom University Of Sussex Governance
3 Japan Meiji Uiversity Governance
4 North Korea The Asan Institute Governance
5 South Korea CSIS Governance
6 Pakistan PICG Governance
7 Canada Simon Fraser University Governance
8 Hong Kong Centre For Civil Society&Governance Governance
9 Africa University Of Pretoria Governance
10 Luxemburg University Of Luxemburg Governance
11 Estonia University Of Tartu Governance
12 Lithuania Mykolas Romeris University Governance
13 Russia National Research University Governance
14 Switzerland University Of St.Gallen Governance
15 Bangladesh BRAC University Governance
16 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Institute Governance
17 Indonesia CSIS Governance
18 Indonesia IPS Institute of Policy Studies Governance