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IIG initiatives - the 1st meet

India with its 10000 years of history, the plethora of great personalities, Kings, poets, philosophers and saints and their wisdom, the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavath Gita, Ardha Shastra, Thirukkural and numerous other manuscripts and inscriptions in temple stones, not to leave the Great Vedas which have transcended over thousands of years by word of mouth, has every thing in it to give raise to great leaders for our States, Countries, World and World Bodies....

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Knowledge Base - Institutions offering Governance programs

Partial list of Institutions across the world offering Governance programs.....

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IIG Operative Framework - Methodology

Contributions - Mr P N Devarajan, Ex Group President, Reliance Industries Ltd / Mr S Vaitheeswaran, MD & CEO, Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd / Mr. Krishna Srikanth, Advocate (India), Solcitor (England & Wales)

To train and develop leaders in India and globally to meet governance standards and expectations in leaders in balancing appropriately and dynamically in changing need of resources in the most effective and appropriate manner in order to meet the aspirational expectation of all stake holders in Economy, Ecology and Equity....

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IIG Operative Framework - Build Syllabus - Version 1

Contributions - Mr N Harihara Subramaniyan / Mr Krishnaswamy, Industrialist

The first semester should be all on fundamentals/ foundation viz, Indian history upto independence, post independence history, constitution of India, analysis of important court judgements, and any other subjects of group's choice....

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IIG Framework Model - Road Map - Version 1

Focus more on people centric governance. Gaining Wisdom by putting the essence of segment I in practice and seeing the effects / results for one, share, discuss and grow is what all about this segment

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Knowledge Base - Prime Ministers of India

List of Prime Ministers of India since Independence.....

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Knowledge Base - Presidents of India

List of Presidents of India since Independence.....

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Knowledge Base - Eternally Talented India - 108 Facts

List of Chapters covered in "Eternally Talented India - 108 Facts".....

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